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Natural Remedies for Constipation

Before we can discuss natural remedies for constipation we must first learn about its origin.

Constipation occurs when the droppings are mobilized very slowly through the large intestine, which results in hard and infrequent bowel evacuations. Most of the most people suffer from constipation at one time or another. Normally, a change in lifestyle and eating habits helps alleviate symptoms and it’s one of the simplest forms of a natural remedy for constipation.

In most cases, the source of constipation comes from the lack of consuming fluids and fiber. The fiber found in plant foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Soluble fiber in water acquires a smooth texture and helps to soften the stool. Indissoluble fiber passes through the large intestine virtually unchanged, adding volume to the stool and stimulates intestinal contractions. When looking for natural remedies for constipation you must also factor in your nutrition. Are you eating the right types of fibers and fluids.Other factors that cause constipation are lack of exercise, elderly muscular disorder, structural anomalies, intestinal diseases and neurogenic disorder inadequate diet, especially an excessive consumption of junk food. Constipation can be a side effect of Iron Supplements and medications including painkillers and antidepressants. It is very common during pregnancy.

Some of the side effect caused by constipation.

Constipation is the root of many different ailments, including appendicitis, bad breath, body odor, dirty or coated league, depression, diverticulitis, fatigue, gas, headaches, hemorrhoids (piles), hernia, indigestion, insomnia, bad absorption syndrome, obesity and varicose veins. Intervenor Constipation can even develop serious diseases, such as intestinal cancer. Using natural remedies for constipation will not only prevent the development of side effects but also help all of the body’s organs maintain optimum health.

It’s important that the colon works around the clock. It’s were the body deposit all waste material, which must be removed every eighteen to twenty-four hours on a daily basis. If the waste, material is not removed after that time they can be deleterious toxins. The antigens and toxins of intestinal bacteria and undigested food particles play an important role in the development of some diseases, including diabetes mellitus, meningitis, myasthenia gravis, thyroid disease, candidiasis, gas and bloating chronic, migraines, fatigue and ulcerative colitis. It is possible to evacuate the bowel only three times a week and not suffer constipation, although some experts maintain that it is important to have a daily bowel movement.

Two metabolic disorders that can lead to constipation are a high levels of calcium and a low level of thyroid hormones. People with kidney disease or diabetes also tend to have Constipation. In elderly the constipation is usually caused by dehydration; in people of any age, this disorder affects depression. There are medications that can cause constipation: cough syrups, pain medications containing codeine. Some antidepressants, iron supplements, medicines for hypertension and heart, calcium and some antihistamines.

One small percentage of people like those who have suffered injury to the spine, the origin of constipation comes from the damage or destruction of the nerves that regulate bowel movement. Hirschsprung disease prevents fecal matter from normally been excreted, because there the nerves inside the intestine are missing. The habitual use of laxatives can deteriorate and prolonged nerve cells in the colon wall. When this happens the inevitable consequence is constipation. Thrombosed hemorrhoids, anal fissures infected anal sacs can cause spasm so painful that they can produce muscle contractions and preclude the evacuation of stool.

Supplements Used to Support Natural Remedies for Constipation

Supplement Comments
Garlic (kyolic de wakunaga) They destroy harmful bacteria colon
Vitamina C Purifying and curative effects. Use a variety buffered.
Bio-bifidus Improves absorption of nutrients by replacing gut flora.
Cholophyll Liquid or alfalfa. Eliminates toxin and bad breath.
Essenttial fatty acids (Kryolic - EPA from Wakunaga, flaxseed Oil and primrose oil). Necessary for proper digestion and stool formation.
Multienzyme complex Helps digestion
Healing natural detox and Rebuild program Cleanses systems from all toxins and rebuilds intestinal flora
kyo dophilus wakunaga Allows the friendly bacteria to survive and pass quickly through the stomach into the small intestine.
Multivitamin and mineral complex Constipation prevents the proper absorption of nutrients, resulting in vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Vitamina E helps the healing the colon.

Herbs Used as Natural Remedies for Constipation

  • Alfalfa Extract: Contains chlorophyll, which helps detoxify the body and purify the food. The fennel seed will also freshens breath.
  • Aloe Vera: Has healing effects, purifies the digestive tract and softens stool.
  • Ginger: Stimulates the digestive system and facilitates the passage of food through the gut.

Foods used to Support Natural Remedies for Constipation


On a daily basis eat high fiber foods such as fresh fruits, raw green vegetables, whole grain oats and brown rice flour. Eat also asparagus, beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, garlic, kale, okra, peas, sweet potatoes and whole grains. Some foods rich in fiber and are soluble the barley, adzuki beans dried beans, oats and some fruit, especially apples, apricots, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, figs, grapes peaches and plums. Foods rich in fiber are insoluble cereals, seeds, wheat bran, corn grain and bark of many plants.

All Natural Remedies for Constipation


All Bran and Plums 
- 2 spoons of all bran cereal
- 2 plums no seeds
- 8oz water
 8oz water add 2 spoons of all bran cereal and 2 plums to 8oz of water and let it sit overnight.  In the morning blend everything and drink before having breakfast.

Flax-seed and Pinepple
- 2 spoons of flax-seed
- ¼ of pineapple
- 8oz water
Add two spoons of flax-seed oil to 8oz of water and let it sit overnight. In the morning add pineapple and blend .Drink before having breakfast.

Oat Meal Celery and Grapefruit
- 2 spoons of oat meal
- 2 pieces of celery
- ¼ grape fruit
- 8oz water
Add two spoons of oat meal to 8oz of water and let it sit overnight. In the morning add celery and grapefruit and blend. Drink before breakfast.

Other Recommendations that Help Support Natural Remedies for Constipation 

  • Drink more water. This is important when adding more fiber to your diet . Drink at least eight glasses of water 8 ounces each, with or without thirst.
  • Eat plenty of foods rich in pectin, such as apples, carrots, beets, bananas, cabbage, citrus fruits, dried peas and ork. Pectin can also be found as supplement.
  • Make a low-fat diet. Do not eat fried foods.
  • Avoid foods that stimulate the secretion of the mucous membranes, such as dairy products, fats and highly seasoned foods.
  • Do not consume highly lactose product, soft drinks, meat, white flour, highly processed foods, salt, coffee, alcohol and sugar. These foods are very hard to digest and contain little to no fiber.
  • Exercise, physical activity accelerates the mobilization of feces through the intestine. Walking for twenty minutes is usually sufficient to relieve constipation besides regular exercise is important to prevent this disorder in the first place.
  •  Go to the bathroom at the same time every day, even if you don't have a bowel movement urgency, relax. Stress compresses the muscles and can cause constipation. Many people relax by reading. Never suppress the urge to defecate.